Kilaru Roja Rani is an BABL, LLB with exemplary business leader and an women entrepreneur who got associated with AK Star Groups since 2011. She possesses more than thirteen years of experience and has been instrumental in promoting AK Star Group brand at a global platform. Heading the South India & International Business Operations for the company, She has brought compelling projects to the company. She also contributes significantly in assessment of new potential business models in the Renewable Energy space.


Alekya kilaru is an IT Post graduate from USA. She is a Chairperson for AK Star Women foundation , mainly to bring social and economic betterment of the women all around the country with superlative techno-commercial skills and deep business understanding on both national & international fronts. She is a second generation entrepreneur who got associated with AK Star groups. She is a patience listener & deep strategist and relies on these core strengths while carving the organization’s roadmap. Being an engineer, her analytical skills are sharp and exemplary. As the CEO & MD of the company, She stays updated on the new innovations and business inventions across the globe. A small Research & Development team closely knit and directly reporting to her continues to focus on new and sustainable business ideas. Her achievements in scaling the company from a few lakhs of initial capital and to go an unnoticed levels. She have given conferences based on the young business entrepreneur and even she published many articles as well.


Kavya kilaru is an director and an Post graduate in Electronics and VLSI, She possess deep technical knowledge in the field of solar which provides her an edge to lead project execution teams. Her commercial skills are unmatched when it comes to cost evaluation of the New projects in AK Star groups . Her authentic approach and high levels of customer centricity are hugely appreciated by clients.

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